Tsinghua Mathcamp 2017

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. - Galileo.

The Tsinghua Mathcamp is a summer camp for mathematically talented and strongly motivated secondary school students from all across China. A highly selected group of students will be invited to join a four-week rigorous program to explore the art of creative problem solving with masters. Mathcamp will also offer a great opportunity for students to work on research projects through collaborative discoveries guided by their coaches and teachers.

Each year, our best Mathcamp students will receive the highest recommendation from us to apply for undergraduate admission to the prestigious Tsinghua University Mathematics Program. Upon graduation from high school, these students are given favorable consideration for admission. In previous years, a vast majority of students we recommended had successfully entered Tsinghua as undergraduates in Mathematics.

The 2017 Mathcamp, building on success and experiences of prior years, promises to be another exciting camp. We expect to invite 60-100 of the most talented high school students from all across the country to participate in our camp next year. The camp will once again be hosted on the Tsinghua University campus in Beijing.

The camp is primarily sponsored by the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Tsinghua University, and the Yau Mathematical Sciences Center.

  • Time: the 4-week camp runs from mid July to mid August, 2017
  • Place: Department of Mathematical Sciences, Tsinghua University, Beijing.
  • Mathcamp activities: our curriculum is expected to have two parallel tracks, with focus on theoretical and applied subjects respectively. Each track will run three 1.5-hour classes every weekday conducted by research mathematicians, physicists and computer scientists; in addition, we have a 2-3-hour daily discussion session in small groups led by coaches, who are advanced undergraduate or graduate students recruited from China and the U.S.; all classes and discussions are expected to be conducted in English, though Chinese may be used through an interpreter occasionally. Highlights of the camp feature guest lectures by world-renowned mathematicians. In addition, Mathcamp may organize weekend excursions to famous institutions and historical attractions in Beijing.
  • Subjects: our courses are expected to cover a range of topics from Linear Algebra, Galois Theory, Number Theory, Algebraic Combinatorics, Analysis and Topology, Computer Imaging, Probability Theory and Statistics, and Computational Mathematics.
  • Selection criteria: students are selected on a competitive basis from a group of students nominated by some of the top high schools across China prior to the Mathcamp. About sixty to a hundred of the best students, aged 14-17, will be invited to the camp.
  • Tuition fees: as in the last three year, admission to the Mathcamp will be offered free of charge to all qualified students.