The Tsinghua Mathcamp is a place for our students to learn, to discover, and to create. We believe that how we arrive at knowledge can be just as important as, and often more so than knowledge itself! Scientist G. Piatesky-Shapiro calls this The Journey of Knowledge Discovery. Here at Mathcamp, we want our students to join us on just such a journey! To ensure that each of our campers can have the best experience that is a safe and productive, we want everyone to observe certain rules.

Mathcamp is a “by-invitation-only” summer camp. A student who has accepted our invitation to join Mathcamp shall abide by the policies and code of conduct set forth below. Parents and high school officials who send their children to Mathcamp shall pledge to abide by the same policies. If a student is found in violation of such policies or code of conduct, they may be subject to immediate expulsion from Mathcamp, and students from the same high school may henceforth be banned from Mathcamp for up to 5 years. Mathcamp reserves the sole authority to determine the severity of each violation and the penalty to be imposed. At its sole discretion, Tsinghua University may also impose additional sanctions on the offending student and their high school.

  • (1) Student safety, transportation, and housing. A student, their parents, and their high school officials, are solely responsible for the safety and well-being of the student. While on campus, a student shall at all time abide by campus safety regulations, and shall be solely responsible for informing their parents their whereabouts. They are also responsible for their own daily transportation to and from Mathcamp, and their housing and meal arrangements.
  • (2) Class attendance. A student must attend at least 3 weeks of the Mathcamp classes that they have signed up for. A student who wish to be absent temporarily from any of the scheduled Mathcamp activities must request an excuse from the Mathcamp Organizer. An excuse will only be granted under exceptional circumstances such as family emergencies and medical issues. Any unexcused absence is considered a violation of Mathcamp policies.
  • (3) Academic integrity. In each course a student is attending, they may receive assistance from their Mathcamp teachers and their fellow campers with whom they collaborate. But any assigned homework or research project that a student has completed must be the fruits of their own labor. Students may not ask for or receive any assistance or suggestion of any form, on their Mathcamp homework or research projects, from any one other than their Mathcamp teachers and fellow campers. In every instance, the Mathcamp work that they have completed, must clearly identify any persons from whom they have received assistance, with the exception of Mathcamp teachers. Failure to do so is considered a violation of the Mathcamp code of conduct.
  • (4) Outside interference and assistance. Parents and high school officials who send a student to Mathcamp shall not interfere in or allow others to interfere in the student academic activities during Mathcamp, nor shall they provide assistance to the same effect. Violation of this policy is ground for sanctions by Mathcamp and Tsinghua University. A student who is involved in such interference or receives such assistance is considered in violation of Mathcamp policies.